"Che yo la'aya nhakanto" (We are from Sacred Land)

By  on July 24, 2014


Indigenous people the world over are facing the consequences of global warming and climate change. Cultural Communication for Self Management and Service, created in 2005, addressed this issue with this project. The Zapoteco group is a focal point for the development efforts of this sector of Mexico’s Indigenous population. The group has made explicit, both in the Zapoteco language and in Spanish, the need for Zapoteco women and men to be involved in challenging the status quo responsible for global warming. The group conducted research on the effects of global warming and climate change in the Zapoteco territories and used the material to produce Zapoteco and Spanish-language radio programmes. As a result of the project there are bi-lingual resources available for the non-Indigenous communication radio stations and other community media. The issue of a more people-centred development approach has been put in the agenda of NGOs as well as community groups. Production of programmes on climate change and adaptation has continued after the project was completed.

Final Report   Agua (Spanish)


Project 1520


July 24, 2014

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