‘Day of Silence’ spotlights media

By Staff on March 09, 2015


Taizé silence. Photo: Maik Meid /CC

How would the world would look like without journalists, media and the information that they make public?

As the repercussions continued from the Jan. 7 massacre of journalists at the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, Croatia’s media formulated a united response called a ‘Day of Silence’.

One week later, on Jan. 15 at 11:30 – the time of the Paris shootings – virtually all media in Croatia darkened their screens, muted on air broadcasting and briefly stopped publishing information, reports the news portal website fairpress.eu.

The action was intended to commemorate the victims of the terrorist attack in Paris, but also all others who were killed around the world because they advocated for freedom of expression and communication rights.

“Croatian media and journalists have, with this joint initiative, expressed their solidarity and opted for freedom of expression,” said the President of the Croatian Journalists’ Association, Zdenko Duka, fairpress.eu reported.

The ‘Day of Silence’ also took place in Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the support of organizations which are a part of the project MEDIA CIRCLE – Civic Response to Clientelism in Media.

Fairpress.eu, created as a part of the project, broadcast the following message for one hour only:

“Today we pay tribute to colleagues who lost their lives because of the word and image they published. Today we want to clearly state that force and violence cannot be used against free thought and free speech. Today we want to point out how our world would look without journalists, media and information.”

All four channels of HRT (Croatian National Television), web portal and teletext ceased to broadcast content, and radio channels supported the action by reading texts in memory of deceased journalists at noon.

They were joined by Nova TV, RTL and N1 Television, as well as news portals Vecernji, Jutarnji and Novi List, 24sata and Slobodna Dalmacija, as well as Index, Net, Tportal, Dalje, Radio Dalmacija, 101, Soundset, Otvoreni, and others.

Darkening screens, muting on air broadcasts and briefly stopping publishing are reminders that society depends on freedom of expression and opinion and democratic media.

By Staff| March 09, 2015
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