Capacity Building for Gender and Gender-Responsive Journalism

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In Pakistan interpretations of Islam and patriarchal cultural norms have worked together to create discriminatory legal frameworks and practices that fuel violence against women. The project sought to combat gender discrimination and violence against women by building the capacity of women’s rights activists and media professionals to influence the emergence of positive public opinion in and through the media. Women Empowerment Organization (WEO) is a non-profit and non-political organization engaged in work on women’s human rights, gender justice and gender-based violence.

Assessment: All planned outcomes and outputs were achieved. Electronic and print media in the 4 districts in southern Punjab targeted increasingly convey gender-positive content. The trained media and women rights activists are actively engaged in speaking up against gender violence. 200 print and broadcast media journalists (70 women, 130 men) gained skills on strategies to positively cover issues of importance to women. 200 women rights activists (80 women,120 men) gained capacity to combat all kinds of violence against women in the 4 target districts. The project has increased WEO's leadership position, helping the organisation develop new relationships with other human rights organization and media. WEO has fostered the establishment of network of 10 human rights organizations working in the 4 districts that among other aims will enable a collective voice against women rights and human rights violations.

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July 07, 2014
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