Contribution through Communication to the Strengthening of the Q'eqchí Culture

By  on August 27, 2014

Recognizing and Building Communication Rights


Guatemala’s 36 years’ civil war left behind a legacy which more than 10 years after the conflict finished has not gone away. One of those legacies was the systematic contempt for and exclusion of indigenous people from state and social structures. Within this context a large section of the indigenous people, in particular the youth, live their cultural identities as fragmented identities. It is not uncommon for young indigenous people to have internalized long existing prejudices which in turn undermines even more the indigenous culture as a whole and their own individual self-esteem. The project aims to strengthen the Q’eqchí culture and collective self-esteem in 130 communities in the Guatemalan department of Petén.

Final Report      


Project 776


August 27, 2014

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