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By Staff on December 09, 2014


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WACC has joined a global campaign in favor of “net neutrality” and is inviting members and partners to do the same.

The Global Net Neutrality Coalition is a group of organizations and users who believe that the open Internet has enabled countless advances in technology, health, education, and business — and it must be protected.

Net neutrality is the concept that all Internet traffic should be treated equally, in other words, that Internet service providers should not be allowed to discriminate among content providers, charging more for faster access and slowing down others’ data.

WACC provides these resources on its website about the issue of net freedom. A year ago, as covered in this story on WACC’s website, media organizations and stakeholders were analyzing a ruling by a U.S. court that struck down key portions of the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) open-Internet rules, effectively ruling that it can't force Internet service providers to offer equal access to their networks.

“Today, this open Internet is endangered by powerful service providers seeking to become gatekeepers who decide how users can access parts of the Internet. We don't want to prevent these companies from using reasonable and necessary methods to manage their networks, but these acts cannot be a pretext to eliminate openness nor to police content,” said the Global Net Neutrality Coalition.

There are resources at the coalition’s site for activists, academics, policy makers and technologists.

“From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, we have to enshrine net neutrality into law so that the internet remains a platform for free expression and innovation. Join us and take action to keep the internet open,” said the coalition.

By Staff| December 09, 2014
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