Mobilisation of Poor Populations to Fight against AIDS, Stigmatisation, Discrimination and Rejection of People Living with AIDS

By  on August 27, 2014

HIV and AIDS Communication and Stigma


30 persons living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) gained capacity as mediators between families of PLWHA, treatment centres and PLWHA who regularly face discrimination. 40 instructors from teacher training colleges in Avrankou gained capacity as champions of the fight against stigma and discrimination directed at teachers living with HIV and AIDS. 60 students in Avrankou gained expertise as peer educators to create awareness of their fellow students on HIV prevention and support for friends and parents infected or affected by the virus. 40 women leaders in village groups learnt how to champion the fight against rejection of PLWHA. Over 5000 students and teachers in Avrankou participated in information, education and communication sessions organised by peer educators through the 20 anti-AIDS clubs established by the project. 12 programmes on stigma and discrimination were developed and broadcast on community radio. The radio stations continue to invite project members to participate in anti-stigma broadcasts.

Final Report   Rapport d'avancement


Project 653


August 27, 2014

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