WACC’s first Meeting of Members brings important changes

By Staff on June 08, 2015


WACC staff facilitate the Members' Meeting. Photo: Lucas Nonnemacher.

A new President and a new Board of Directors are only the beginning of a change in priorities for the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) that include closer relationships with its members and regional associations.

In 2014, when WACC was re-registered as a Not-for-profit corporation in Canada, it had to replace its old governing documents with new Articles and Bylaws.

Under the new rules, members play a key role, especially in regard to electing WACC’s Board of Directors, which was previously done at the regional level and is now done globally.

At the first Meeting of Members held on 29 May 2015, the Rev. Dr. Samuel W. Meshack from India was elected President. For the first time, it was the Corporate Members responsibility to elect a Board of Directors, four women and four men, representing each of WACC’s regions.

The next steps will be for the Board to name its Officers and to begin making plans to review WACC’s programmes and priorities and to draw up the next Strategic Plan.

WACC’s eight regional associations are made up of corporate and personal members who guide the organization’s work both locally and globally.

Under the new structure, the regional associations will be invited to discuss and enter into an “affiliation agreement” whose purpose is to clarify the relationship between the global WACC and its members.

The affiliation agreement will establish areas of mutual cooperation as well as practical matters such as fund-raising and “branding”.

Following the first Meeting of Members under new regulations that came into force in April 2014, WACC’s General Secretary, Rev. Dr. Karin Achtelstetter, commented, “We have a wonderful opportunity to continue building a worldwide movement of people and institutions dedicated to communication as a means of changing unjust social, economic and political structures.”

She added, “The Board members, the staff and I are all looking forward to stronger and more accountable working relationships in the ongoing challenge to implement WACC’s vision of communication for all.”


By Staff| June 08, 2015
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