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Aliaa Dakroury

Aliaa Dakroury

Dr. Aliaa Dakroury is an associate professor and chair of the School of Social Communication, Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Canada, and the Managing Editor of the American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences. She is the author of Communication and Human Rights (2009), editor of The Right to Communicate: Historical Hopes, Global Debates, and Future Premises (2009), editor of The Right to Communicate, a special issue of Global Media Journal - American Edition (Fall 2008). Her publications appear in various journals, including the Journal of International Communication, Media Development: Journal of the World Association for Christian Communication, the American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences, Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture, the Journal of InterGroup Relations, the Global Media Journal, and the Journal of Culture, Language, and Representation, among others. She can be reached at:

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  • Muslim resilience and the right to communicate

    Muslim resilience and the right to communicate
    Forty-seven years ago, Jean d’Arcy, the father of the right to communicate (RTC) argued that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights will have to include a more extensive right than the right to information. He asserted, “This is the angle from which the future development of communications will have to be considered if it is to be fully understood” (d’Arcy, 1969: 1). By: Aliaa Dakroury
    Posted: May 15, 2016
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