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Elza Dunkels

Elza Dunkels

Elza Dunkels is Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Educational Science, Umeå University, Sweden. Her PhD (2007) deals with young people’s own perceptions of online dangers. She is currently involved in projects concerning online risk, adult’s perceptions of online dangers and sexual exploitation of young people online.

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  • Online safety for families

    Online safety for families

    In the 1990s there was no actual research concerning young people’s use of the internet, which meant that safety advice tended to be underpinned by assumptions and speculations. It was common to disseminate horrific stories about the internet, pornography, sexual offenders and vulnerable children. Not only was advice based on horrible but non-typical anecdotes, it also reveals a view of young people as naïve, reckless and in unlimited need of adult protection and supervision. As with any parenting activity, keeping your children safe online is a matter of calculating risk against possibilities. And in this decision-making the family needs information based on research rather than on prejudice.

    By: Elza Dunkels
    Posted: February 09, 2014
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