Media Development 2006/3

Media Development 2006/3

Communication for development and social justice

Increasing the capacity of poor and marginalised people to use communication in order to improve their lives is recognised by many NGOs as vital to a more just future for all. South and North, information and knowledge are essential for people to respond adequately and successfully to the opportunities of political, social, economic and cultural change. But to be useful, knowledge and information has to be available, accessible, and communicated effectively among people. This issue brings together a spectrum of thought on theory, practice and policy in the area of communication for development and empowerment.



Media Development

Media Development is an international quarterly journal dedicated to the theory and practice of communication around the world. Many contributors write from the perspective of the South, highlighting social, cultural, and spiritual values. 

Media Development publishesinformed and critical opinions on a broad range of topics; relevant documents and materials; reports of events and conferences; a section on cinema; occasional book reviews.

Media Development seeks to keep abreast of developments in the field of mass, community and social media and to articulate common concerns in the search for equality, justice and human dignity in communication.

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