Building Capacities of Civil Society Organisations to Engage Development Issues through Communication Materials on the G20

By  on July 24, 2014


The project was successful in producing a primer on the G20 's emerging role in global governance and the implications of its development agenda and actions on the lives of people especially the impoverished and marginalized.  The primer was trnaslated into 5 languages: Spanish, French, Hindi, Marathi and Bahasa and was distributed mainly with the help of IBON's partner organizations and platforms in Asia, Africa and Latin America,a s well a through participation in major global and regional events.  While it is too early to judge the impact of the primer in terms of raising civil society organizations' capacity to engage their government and the G20 process itself, it is expected that this will help catalyze discussions towards common civil society demands and positions vis-à-vis the G20 agenda and encourage more civil society groups to critically engage governmentes and the G20 to promote development policies that will address the structural roots of poverty, inequity and injustice.

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July 24, 2014

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