Digital Justice
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Digital Justice

A new dimension of communication rights

Digital Justice Study and Action Guide


Worried about fake news, online hate speech, and trolling? Looking to use digital technologies to build community and work for justice?

Take Action: Towards a vision of digital justice


Want to learn more about digital justice and be part of a network of individuals and organisations committed to online communication rights?

100 Languages /
100 Days Campaign


Ready to take up the challenge to promote the diversity of language and culture in a digital sphere where English predominates?

Digital communication is transforming our world and the multiple spaces in which we live and move. These technologies offer us new ways to connect, to inform ourselves and navigate the world, to advocate for our human dignity and rights, and for our voices to be heard. They can be powerful tools for inclusion, education, encounter, imagination, creativity, and understanding.


Yet digital platforms are also being used to spread deliberate disinformation and hate and undermine human dignity and rights, threatening a diversity of voices and perspectives. Immense wealth and power are increasingly concentrated in profit-driven companies dependent on the harvesting of personal data and behavioural consumer marketing. Digital tools are increasingly used for surveillance and censorship.


Communication rights apply in the digital sphere as with all other communication media – but perhaps with more urgency as the pace of digital growth – and its opportunities and challenges accelerate.