WACC webinars on ethical use of AI released as self-paced course
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Pop-art style images of human faces and a colourful graphic of a brain with a digital web

WACC webinars on ethical use of AI released as self-paced course

WACC is relaunching its successful webinar series “AI, You, and Your Organization” from early 2024 as a self-paced online course.

“In an era where artificial intelligence is increasingly integrated into various aspects of our lives, understanding its ethical implications and harnessing its potential responsibly is more crucial than ever,” notes WACC Deputy General Secretary Sara Speicher.

“This three-part series gives individuals and organizations the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the ethical use of AI effectively,” says Speicher, who is coordinating the online learning opportunity.

The self-paced course includes three webinars:

  • AI Fundamentals
  • Harnessing the Power of Generative AI for Communication
  • Navigating the World of Generative AI: Guidelines for Your Organization

The 60-minute, English-language sessions are led by Dr Erin Green, a communication expert and one of the first theologians to research AI. Registrants can access a downloadable handout with key points and tips.

I started using AI last year for basic things with a bit of fear. This course gave me more tools from an ethical perspective to understand how it works and has challenged me to practice different types of AI to boost results in my work and personal life. —Participant

Feedback from the initial webinar series has confirmed that there is a significant need to break down the hype around AI, explain the fundamentals, and show how it can be used ethically, according to Speicher.

She adds that that the course fee (US$12) helps to support WACC’s ongoing work to promote digital justice and offer related learning opportunities and advocacy tools.

“We hope this series can continue to be a useful resource for individuals and organizations.”

“AI, You, and Your Organization: Understanding and working ethically with artificial intelligence” is a collaboration between WACC and Dr Erin Green (The Joyful Bot), with support from the Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany (EMW). 

Image: AI course graphic by Nineteen Trees Creative, collage of faces generated by WACC using Canva Magic Studio

Pop-art style images of human faces and a colourful graphic of a brain with a digital web with the text "AI, You, and Your Organization" and the link "ccrvoices.org/ai-and-you

Learn More and Register

Visit ccrvoices.org/ai-and-you to find out more about the course and to register.

WACC members receive a discount on the course fee.

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