Communication Training, Advocacy and Lobbying for Leaders of Haitian Migrants

By  on September 29, 2014

Recognizing and Building Communication Rights

Dominican Republic

Espacio Insular focuses its efforts on working with faith-based groups and works in collaboration and partnership with the Anglican Church, the Social Studies Center Padre Juan Montalvo, the Haitian Pastoral Center for Legal Assistance, and the Jesuit Services for Refugees. This project enabled 350 migrants leaders (100 women and 250 men) to advocate on their own behalf through the media. Migrants leaders and association of migrants in three regions in Dominican Republic make better use of the opportunities offered by New Information and Communication Technologies to advance the cause of Haitian migrants among the general public. Male migrants leaders were able to understand and incorporate a gender perspective into their development efforts.

Final Report      


Project 445


September 29, 2014

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