Community Radio Station as Agents of Peace in Mexico

By  on September 22, 2014

Communication for Peace


AMARC–Mexico systematized its experiences during two years working to build a culture of peace in the country and to strengthen positive transformation of its ongoing conflict situations. On the basis of work carried out among a number of community radio stations, AMARC elaborated a 95–page training manual in Spanish (called Radios comunitarias y contexto de conflicto en México) which has been published and distributed throughout the network and an electronic version posted on a number of web sites (including WACC’s Centre for Communication Rights). The direct beneficiaries are the rural and indigenous staffs of 10 community radio stations in six states, together with some 100 community communicators who work with them. They can now count on radio tools for the positive transformation of conflict in their regions and a clearly defined role as community media working for peace and human rights.

Final Report   Radios Comunitarias


Project 569


September 22, 2014

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