Condemnation of Paris assault

By  on January 19, 2015

14th January 2015

A terrible attack occurred on January 7 in Paris against the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. The attack, perpetrated with AK-47 rifles, killed 11 people, including 8 journalists and 1 policeman.

This crime has caused a huge shock in France and arouses great emotion and a wave of indignation justified worldwide.

The Caribbean region of the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC-Caribe) condemns this unspeakable act, which constitutes a serious violation of freedom of expression, an essential component of the right to communication that WACC has promoted for decades.

In these circumstances, WACC- Caribbean reaffirms the right to communication as a pillar of the culture of peace, an essential element in the sustainability of the communities, and of mutual respect for differences and human solidarity.

WACC-Caribe extends its sincere sympathies to the press corps and to French social communicators, and hopes that the just and necessary steps will be taken to ensure that this act does not go unpunished.

At the same time, WACC-Caribe makes an appeal so that this act is not used as an excuse to persecute minorities and migrants or infringe on civil liberties, especially freedom of expression and diffusion of information.


Mr. Erick Coll 
President of WACC Caribe


January 19, 2015
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