Democratic Republic of Congo: Information Service for Young Women Survivors of Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

By Terry Mutuku on January 26, 2012

Si Jeunesse Savait (SJS), Democratic Republic of Congo
€ 6,000
Ref. 1667

According to statistics commonly used in the country, 50 women and girls are raped every day in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These victims of sexual violence are often left with physical scars or diseases that require medical attention. However, the fear of being stigmatized by their communities and sometimes even their own families frequently prevents women and girl survivors of sexual violence from seeking necessary assistance. The project will create a free information service for survivors of rape and sexual violence in local languages which will be accessible by mobile phone. Survivors who call into the service will be able to obtain information how to seek assistance through the criminal justice system, and related information on accessing organizations that provide support to survivors. Users of the service will also have access to free counselling and psychosocial support. Making the service available through mobile phones will help ensure confidentiality and protect the privacy of survivors. Si Jeunesse Savait (SJS) was founded in 2001 by a group of communication students and people working in the Congolese media to create original programming, aimed at young people. In 2004, the organization expanded its focus to reproductive and sexual rights, the promotion of information and communication technology, and entrepreneurship.

Contact: Françoise Mukuku Mwamba Malale
National Coordinator
Email: or

January 26, 2012
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