Locarno 2009

By  on August 17, 2009

At the 62nd Locarno Film Festival held 5-15 August  the Ecumenical Jury of SIGNIS and Interfilm awarded its Prize to the film Akadimia Platonos directed by Filippos Tsitos, (Greece/Germany, 2009). Through its well-considered mise en scène and deliberate camera work, this film is a detailed observation of simple people in their everyday life in a neighbourhood in Athens. With a sometimes bitter-sweet, sometimes ironical tone, the film criticises naive patriotism and xenophobia, pleading instead for the dismissal of prejudices, a good understanding between cultures and the acceptance of others even if they are different.

In addition, the Jury awarded a Commendation to Nothing Personal directed by Urszula Antoniak (Netherlands/Ireland 2009). Subtly and by an appropriate timing the film tells a touching story of solitude and relationship. Beautiful images of pristine nature and music reveal the mood and emotions of the characters. The director conveys a strong message of hope for people violated in their lives and struggling for new relations, demonstrating respect for the freedom and independence of the other.


August 17, 2009
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