Long distance Communication Training for Women Leaders from Grassroots Groups

By  on August 27, 2014

Recognizing and Building Communication Rights


38 women from 34 women’s organisations around Chile completed a long distance communication training course given by Feministas Tramando (Feminists Weaving Something Up), an organisation dedicated to raising awareness about gender inequality in Chile and to giving public visibility to proposals and actions addressing gender inequality throughout the country. Many of the women trained have taught what they learned to others in their organisation. The organisations have been strengthened by having a member with skills in using communication tools. They are now better able to make their organisation’s concerns known to the broad public, establish stronger visibility for their work, and strengthen their organisational networks. The implementing organisation has received inquiries from other Latin American countries about offering the training again on a regional basis.

Final Report   Manual mujeres tramando comunicación


Project 702


August 27, 2014

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