Monitoring the presence of women as political actors in the media

By  on June 30, 2014


In 2014 a Law of Quotas will enter into effect in Uruguay which establishes a 30 per cent minimum level for women in Parliament. In Latin America Uruguay currently ranks close to the bottom in the number of women politicians. This project used the results of media monitoring to work with journalists to promote reflection and analysis about the way news is produced and made public from a gender perspective. It also worked with women politicians to strengthen their strategies for participating in a being visible in the public arena. The project included reflection and opinions about the key role that communicators can play in helping to advance gender equality by means of gender-sensitive reporting.

Aimee Vega Montiel - Los Medios de comunicacion frente a la violencia contra las mujeres y las ninas   Lilian Celiberti - Comunicacion y genero
Monitoreo Final   Seminario - Las Mujeres en el Medio de los Medios






Project 2187


June 30, 2014
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