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By Philip Lee on September 07, 2010
The Ecumenical Jury of Signis and Interfilm awarded its Prize to the film Adem (still right), directed by Hans Van Nuffel (Belgium/Netherlands). Adem means ‘breath’. Tom, a young man who has cystic fibrosis, is struggling to cope with his short life expectancy. He crosses paths with Xavier who also has the lung disease. Xavier helps him to abandon his fatalism and say yes to life. This original and luminous film highlights the fragility and value of life, and explores the search for meaning and happiness, a search common to all people. 

The jury also awarded a commendation to the film Das Lied in Mir, directed by Florian Cossen (Germany 2010). 31 year old Maria grew up in Germany. An unexpected childhood memory during a stopover in Buenos Aires leads to the discovery that she is not who she thinks she is – the life she knows is based on a lie. She begins a search for her true identify that will require her and her family to choose between family love, loyalty and justice. The film dramatizes the importance of memory, and the strength of family bonds.

September 07, 2010
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