WACC-Asia President appeals for support for Radio Shalom project

By Terry Mutuku on April 16, 2012

{wacc location="Toronto, Canada"} {teaser}It is a challenge to show our solidarity and an opportunity to tell the WACC story.{/teaser} 

The President of WACC-Asia Region  Rev. Dr. Samuel Meshack calls on wacc-Asia members to donate to the  Radio Shalom project in Sierra Leone. “This is a challenge to all our WACC members to practice what we preach on enabling people who have been denied their rights, to get their God given Rights. It is a challenge to show our solidarity with them through our action by giving what you can. As the General Secretary says, “It is an opportunity to tell the WACC story using the example of the project”, he said in his letter to the members.

Read full letter here…

To donate to the project click here: www.globalgiving.org/projects/build-a-radio-station-for-peace-in-sierra-leone/
Rev. Dr. Samuel Meshack, president of WACC-Asia



April 16, 2012
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