WACC-North America appeal for Radio Shalom fundraising challenge

By Terry Mutuku on April 19, 2012

I have a weakness for Venti Chai Tea Lattes - at $5 each, and I figure I have one a week, I am pledging to give my Venti Chai Tea Lattes up for May, and give the $20 to Radio Shalom and the WACC fundraising effort underway.  Can you do the same? Maybe it's not Starbucks for you, maybe Harvey's or Arby's or Mrs. Field's Cookies...whatever. Can you let that go for a month and give the equivalent of 4 of those or something else to this campaign?

If the 15 of us give $20 each, that is $300 more dollars.

Come on...communications is important to all of us. It is important for the people of Radio Shalom in Sierra Leone. Communication rights for all is worth 4 lattes or whatever. Please give. And thanks if you have already donated. And feel free if you wish to donate more than $20!

Donate now at: http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/build-a-radio-station-for-peace-in-sierra-leone/

Thanks for listening to my pitch!


Sheila George
President, WACC-North America

April 19, 2012
Categories:  Peace

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