Who Speaks for the Poor in the Venezuelan Press? News Sources which Define the Narrative about Poverty in Venezuela

By  on July 24, 2014


Created in 2010 by a team of committed academics, Asociación Medianálisis dedicates its actions to the systematic study of Venezuela’s mass media. It studies their role in relation to audiences and public advocacy as well as the kind of journalism employed by the media regarding development issues. It does so with the purpose of influencing its functioning, the practice of journalism as well as communication-related social processes. To provide background information, Medianálisis undertook research about the quality and quantity of news sources regarding poverty, focusing in particular on in depth and proactive coverage. The principal finding of the research was that “the press coverage of Venezuelan national dailies is superficial.” The research allowed Medianálisis to plan relevant advocacy activities, forums with journalism students and training workshops with journalists and editors. As a result 38 journalists and editors of three print media outlets developed awareness and understanding about the need to improve the quality and quantity of coverage of poverty in the mass media. A ten point ‘Decalogue on Socially Responsible Journalism’ has been agreed and distributed to over 150 journalists and editors across Venezuela.

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July 24, 2014

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