Access to communication empowers local communities in Peru

By Terry Mutuku on August 01, 2012

By Maria Teresa Aveggio, Programme Manager

“We realised that the only means of communication, the only way to be able to say the things that happened to us, was the radio.” With these words one of the presenters of Voices through Time introduces a new 20-minute video illustrating the right to communicate. It shows how Indigenous and Amazonian people in Peru use radio and new information and communication technologies (ITCs) to influence their representation in the media, preserve their culture and identities, and defend and exercise their rights.

The video was produced by Chirapaq, the Centro de Culturas Indígenas del Perú, a WACC project partner in 2012. Indigenous peoples in Peru experience marginalisation and discrimination that prevent their social inclusion and participation as citizens. They feel that their rights and identity are not adequately represented in the Peruvian mass media.  Read more...

August 01, 2012
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