José Luis Aguirre, President of WACC Latin America

By Terry Mutuku on December 02, 2011

By Lavinia Mohr, Deputy General Secretary of WACC

José Luis Aguirre, President of WACC Latin America also new WACC Global Board  Director, is the Director of Servicio de Capacitacion en Radio y Television para el Desarrollo  (SECRAD), a unit of the Universidad Católica Boliviana (UCB) in La Paz, Bolivia. He has been involved with WACC since the 1990s when he was directing Radio San Miguel de Riberalta, a church radio station in the Beni area of the Bolivian Amazon. The radio joined WACC and José himself became a personal member. He has actively advanced WACC in Andean regional and Bolivian gatherings.  Some of WACC’s Andean sub-regional meetings have been held at the UCB. During all this time, he has found WACC publications to be very useful. Read more...

December 02, 2011
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