A Citizen’s Watchdog for Quality Communication
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A Citizen’s Watchdog for Quality Communication

Recognizing and Building Communication Rights


As a result of the citizen’s consultation increased awareness among citizens in the cities of Arequipa, Lima, Iquitos and Puno of their entitlement to better quality of media productions offered by Peruvian TV. A total of 489 women and men participated in the Media Parliaments organised in the four Peruvian cities and were able to articulate coherent and systematic demands regarding the output of Peruvian TV. Awareness raising efforts regarding the quality of TV output have been strengthened by the new students of communication which joined the ranks of the Network of Volunteers for Better Communications which undertakes advocacy activities in Peru. Several communication faculties have joined Calandria’s efforts and have used the results of the citizens’ consultations to generate further discussion and awareness among students of communication.

Public consultations in 4 of Perú’s Main cities have given rise to continuing public debate regarding the quality and content of Peruvian TV output in the genre of entertainment. Widespread mainstream media coverage of the consultations as a rightful way to express people’s entitlements and rights in material of entertainment. Productions prepared as a result of project on the audiovisual entertainment industry used by schools of communication as part of the training students receive. The experience, methodology and the results are now the subject of study in some communication faculties which have used the experience to generate debate among their students regarding communication rights and citizenship.

Final Report      


Project 512


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