Climate Change and Radio
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Climate Change and Radio

Communication and Poverty


Adaptation to climate change is a key issue if rural communities in the South are to survive. In Imo State, Nigeria, farmers and especially women are highly vulnerable to the impact of climate change. Some of them have developed strategies to cope and there is an urgent need to document and disseminate these skills in ways that will help others to mitigate the impact of climate change on livelihoods. This project will enable the production and broadcasting of a 10-episode radio drama featuring indigenous climate change adaptation strategies. The episodes will be produced in the local language and broadcast weekly on Rural Radio, a station that reaches 50,000 smallholder farmers with development skills information in the Igbo language. Meetings with focus groups before, during and after the broadcast period will define the specific content of the radio dramas, evaluate their efficacy and enhance the process.

Final Report   Climate Change Radio Drama


Project 982


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