Communication and Rights in Latin America
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Communication and Rights in Latin America

Communication for Peace


The Collective Pro Human Rights (PRODH) based in Ecuador expanded and consolidated the Latinamerican Network of Radio Communicators for Human Rights (RLDH), which now serves all the countries in the region. It also drew up agreements with the Latinamerican Association for Radio Education (ALER) for the broadcasting of programmes. Research was carried out throughout the continent on the theme of “Poverty, disasters and human rights in Latin America” with the purpose of designing a series of radio programmes that responded to identified needs. Survivors of recent disasters in rural areas were interviewed and the findings and opinions transcribed as part of a report sent to all PRODH and RLDH members. The project produced a CD titled “Voices from Our America: Poverty and Disaster” which was distributed nationally and internationally. In 2010, 51 episodes of the radio programme “Thinking about Our America” focusing on the political and social problems facing the continent were produced and broadcast via the ALER staellite to 180 radio stations. Finally, a weekly electronic bulletin was produced and distributed to more than 1,000 subscribers and the PRODH web site kept up-to-date with all these different materials. The project’s direct beneficiaries were the nine social organiozations affiliated to PRODH and 13 latinmaerican correspondents who took part. In addition, the audiences of 180 radio stations who were made aware of human rights issues affecting the poorest sectors of the continent.

Final Report      


Project 952


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