GMMP logo gets a makeover
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GMMP logo gets a makeover

The Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) logo – with figures of a woman reading the newspaper and a man reading the news from a desktop computer while perched on a globe –
has been refreshed.

The original logo, first introduced in 2005,  is familiar to media and participants around the world, said Saskia Rowley, who designed the new logo. “All it needed was a little remodel to kick off the 2020 campaign.”

Instead of the blue and white theme, the new logo has more vibrant colours and the figures reflect today’s digital era. The woman in a pink headscarf, green shirt and black jeans reads the newspaper, while the man in a bright orange shirt and black pants has his headphones on while reading from a laptop.

“The figures reflect the volunteers, mostly civil society activists, students and university researchers from over 100 countries, who monitor the news media on the day of the GMMP,” said Rowley.

They also convey the transnational nature of the network, transcending not only geographical boundaries, but also gender, race, class and other identity divides, said GMMP Coordinator Sarah Macharia.

The previous GMMP logo

“The figures are perched on a stylized globe, which happens to be the main element of the WACC logo, the organization that underpins the important work of the GMMP,” added Rowley.

“Using the WACC logo as the globe shows not only the organizational connection to WACC, but also conveys our vision of the world of communication,” said WACC General Secretary Philip Lee.

The GMMP, a worldwide longitudinal study on gender equality in the world’s news media, is WACC’s flagship initiative running since 1995.

The fifth research in the series was conducted in 2015 by hundreds of volunteers in 114 countries around the world. The next GMMP is scheduled for 2020.



Image above: The new logo of the Gender Media Monitoring Project has been refreshed for the upcoming 2020 campaign. By  Saskia Rowley


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