One Minute of Inclusion for People with Disabilities
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One Minute of Inclusion for People with Disabilities

Recognizing and Building Communication Rights


Minute of Inclusion, MID, Brazil. This is the second year of a project which started in 2007. The original project gave rise to new challenges and alliances and as a result further support was provided. The original project enabled disabled people to produce and present good quality radio programmes to advocate on their own behalf. Its radio programmes are broadcast through Brazil’s RADIOBRAS network and network of community radio stations in several of Brazil’s regions. A cooperation agreement signed between MID and group of 300 small radio station in the interior of Brazil enabled the voice of disabled people to reach groups where there is very little awareness of disabled people’s rights. The programme receives feedback from some of the most isolated spots in Brazil, including the Amazon and the interior of Brazil’s North East. It is also broadcast through some 25 web radios. A partnership with the Latin American Network of Radios for Human Rights means that the programmes are now also produced in Spanish and distributed to some 180 radio stations throughout Latin America.

Final Report   MID Brazil project – story by_M Quintero


Project 588


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