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Instalike vs. Instahate

15/04/19 | (0) Comments |

In the “good old days” of traditional media, there were gatekeepers whose task was to apply professional and ethical standards to content. In addition, government and public entities established print and broadcast regulations that were independently monitored to ensure compliance.

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Why are Indigenous and minority languages important in today’s world?

08/04/19 | (0) Comments |

The United Nations has declared 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous Languages in order to raise awareness about the importance of linguistic diversity in relation to sustainable development, culture, knowledge, and collective memory. People’s ability to communicate in their own language is one of the cornerstones of communication rights. 

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Can migrants make themselves heard in the age of national populism?

01/04/19 | (0) Comments |

Rates of forced migration are the highest they have been in decades. In 2016, approximately 40 million people became internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 22.5 million became refugees, the highest figures on record. These are staggering numbers.

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Media reform in the UK

25/03/19 | (0) Comments |

Trustworthy news and opinion is the Holy Grail of journalism today.

An independent report reviewing challenges facing high quality journalism in the UK has been published. The Cairncross Review: a sustainable future for journalism (12 February 2019) recommends a new regulator to oversee the relationship between news outlets and technology giants and urges a public investigation into the dominance of Facebook and Google in the advertising marketplace.

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What next for the web?

18/03/19 | (0) Comments |

The 30th birthday of the World Wide Web saw its founder publish an open letter reflecting on how the web has changed our world. He  identifies what must be done to build a better web that serves all of humanity.

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Fake news and the hijacking of public opinion

11/03/19 | (0) Comments |

British Members of Parliament are agitating for tougher regulations to combat fake news.

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To share or not to share

04/03/19 | (0) Comments |

A friend forwarded a YouTube video reporting on an apparent practice in a Central Asian country of abducting women for marriage.

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Digital surveillance: Who watches the watchers?

25/02/19 | (0) Comments |

Last year Australia passed a bill weakening security on the iPhones and software people rely on in today’s digital world. This sweeping law could force tech companies to access encrypted data.

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I Got Algorithm

18/02/19 | (0) Comments |

How to prevent social networks from damaging the well-being of young people?

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Mind your language!

18/02/19 | (0) Comments |

Masculine, feminine, or gender-neutral?

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