2011/4 Tackling HIV and AIDS
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2011/4 Tackling HIV and AIDS

Mass and community media can unthinkingly reinforce stigmatisation and discrimination against people living with HIV and AIDS. Beyond the important question of language and image, there are those of care, respect, support, and human dignity. As one writer in this issue comments, “HIV and AIDS is not about ‘us’ and ‘them’. It is about speaking out for community, inclusion, sufficiency, tolerance and justice.” Plus+ two articles on communicating climate change, evaluating news coverage of Darfur, and inclusive communication in Latin America.

The words we use, by Sara Speicher

HIV and AIDS in Ghana and the role of the Christian Council of Ghana, by Charles Mawusi

La stigmatisation et la discrimination, quelle riposte au Togo?, par Alley Atsoutsè Jean-Pierre

Le rôle des médias et de la communication au Bénin, par Justin Amoussou

Entre el desafío y la esperanza, por Blanca Cortés

Facing up to what’s concealed in the Arab world, by Bassem Maher Sedra

Positive voices for change to fight against HIV and AIDS, by James Rehmat


The fallacy of balance in communicating climate change, by Arul Aram

Linking global climate change and local peace, by Janani Vivekananda

Comunicación para la inclusión, por José Luis Aguirre Alvis

News audiences beware! Insights from Darfur, by Bella Mody

Locarno 2011: Opening doors and seeking new paths, by Hans Hodel

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