Bosnia and Herzegovina: Promoting Gender-Ethical Journalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Promoting Gender-Ethical Journalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Association Novi Put, Bosnia and Herzegovina
€ 11,660
Ref. 1712

Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) is a patriarchal country with dominant stereotypes about women. There are tendencies in BiH media to marginalize women’s role in society and to liberally employ gender insensitive language in reporting. The Global Media Monitoring Project research in 2010 revealed that BiH women are largely invisible with respect to news media focus and content. The project is intended to increase media commitment to gender-ethical journalism and to usage of gender-sensitive language (GSL) in BiH media practice. The strategy is to develop knowledge and skills on GSL and gender equality with media representatives, and as well to improve the quality of cooperation between media and women’s civil society organizations. The project will convene press conferences, interactive workshops, trainings, lectures, map the current situation in BiH media, and lobby for increase of media commitment to gender-ethical journalism and GSL use. The direct beneficiaries include 200 BiH male and female journalists, editors from print and electronic media, representatives of women’s non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the general public. An important expected outcome is the improvement of editors’ media policy from a gender-ethics perspective. The project is an initiative of Association Novi Put that works on gender equality, violence and human trafficking in BiH. Novi Put is the only BiH member of the European NGOs Platform Against Trafficking, Exploitation and Slavery (ENPATES), a platform of 48 NGOs from 38 European countries.

Contact: Mrs. Edisa Demic

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