China: Asia Pacific Conference on Alternative Radio Journalism and the Advancement of Migrants’ Rights
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China: Asia Pacific Conference on Alternative Radio Journalism and the Advancement of Migrants’ Rights

Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants (APPM), China
€ 10,000
Ref. 1585

As global migration increases, many East and Southeast Asian countries have emerged as major receiving countries of migrant workers. Despite their contributions to the labour force of many nations in the region, migrant workers are among the most marginalized groups and are often subject to various forms of abuse. The Asia Pacific Mission for Migrant (APMM) is a regional organization that promotes and protects the rights and welfare of migrants in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions through advocacy, mobilization and collaboration with regional partners. It assists migrants in the region to develop their capacity through establishing their own self-help groups, advocate for their rights and wellbeing and develop a strong solidarity and cooperation among migrants of different nationalities as well as nationals in the host country. This project will bring together radio journalists whose programs are focused on the rights, welfare and concerns of migrants in a knowledge sharing and information exchange conference that will also include migrants. The conference will enable broadcasters and other stakeholders to discuss their practices and experiences in reporting issues related to migrant rights, identify challenges, consider political trends, develop strategies for better reporting and consider opportunities for cooperation. It will result in a report documenting the experiences of radio journalists advocating migrants’ rights in the region, and the development of a website which will provide updates and information on the experiences and activities of migrant workers and journalists who report on migrant issues.

Contact: Rey Asis
Programme Officer

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