Ivory Coast: Rebuilding Women’s Image in the Media
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Ivory Coast: Rebuilding Women’s Image in the Media

La Plateforme des Femmes pour Gagner (PFG), Ivory Coast
€ 9,000
Ref. 1856

The current climate of national reconciliation in the Ivory Coast provides an opening to bring attention to women’s stereotypical and degrading representation in Ivorian media persisting since 1990. The project’s ultimate objective is to restore women’s dignity in media portrayal that is more objective, gender-fair and balanced. The project will collect evidence on media representation of women across the period 1990-2010 and apply the evidence to lobby government authorities, public awareness, strengthening capacity of women leaders and media professionals. The project will establish a gender-focussed observatory to monitor media portrayal and representation of women over the long term. The project is expected to result in the adoption and application on gender-aware media codes, as well as to influence changes in media practice. The project is an initiative of La Plateforme des Femmes pour Gagner (PFG), a civil society organisation established in 2005 in the context of the political crisis in the Ivory Coast. PFG brings together professional associations, unions, women’s political organisations and other civil society groups around a common vision for women’s empowerment in decision-making and self determination.

Contact: Melle Estelle Kla
Communication Officer
Email: plateforme_ci@yahoo.fr
Web: www.femmesgagnantes.org

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  • Nkumbudzi Jophius
    Posted at 18:13h, 12 November

    This sound so interesting. I would love to read more of the full document