Preserving and Promoting the Dumagat Culture
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Preserving and Promoting the Dumagat Culture

Recognizing and Building Communication Rights


PCIM partners the Episcopalian Diocese of Dumagat People and works towards unity and solidarity with the Anglican Church.The project outcomes included a tribal resolution adopting the creation of a community-based, culturally responsive school SIKAT (School on Indigenous Knowledge and Tradition) for submission to the municipal council. IKPSP (Indigenous Knowedge System Practices) Register copyrighted in favour of the Dumagat Community of Sitio Konboan, Tanay, Rizal. Sensitised Dumagats appreciative of their own indigenous knowledge, system and practices. Empowered Dumagat community that can articulate their agenda to the local officials, government officers and civil society.

Final Report   Minutes of the Meeting


Project 453


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