Protecting the right to freedom of expression of persons with disabilities
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Protecting the right to freedom of expression of persons with disabilities


Image courtesy of Article 19.

Article 19 is holding a public consultation on the communication rights of persons with disabilities.

Article 19 is responding to the lack of specific measures to be taken by states and other duty bearers to ensure that persons with disabilities can fully realise their right to freedom of expression and information.

In an attempt to fill this gap, Article 19 has decided to develop a dedicated set of principles to ensure that persons with disabilities can fully exercise their communication rights on an equal basis with others.

WACC has long argued that only when communication is fully participatory can it empower individuals and communities, challenge authoritarian political, economic and cultural structures and help to build a more just and peaceful world.

The first draft of Article 19’s new principles was initially discussed with a group of international freedom of expression and media experts at a meeting in London in 2016.

The document states that, “The Principles are intended to be used by persons with disabilities, civil society organisations, activists, human rights defenders, lawyers, judges, elected representatives, public officials and other stakeholders in their efforts to strengthen the protection of the right to freedom of expression of persons with disabilities locally, regionally and globally.”

To ensure the relevance of the Principles and broad ownership of them by all stakeholders, ARTICLE 19 is now inviting all interested parties to discuss and comment on the draft Principles.

The public consultation on the draft will last from December 2016 – February 2017. The final version of the Principles will be launched following these consultations in early 2017.

Visit the Article 19 web site for the full story and further details.

Article 19 envisages a world where people are free to speak their opinions, to participate in decision-making and to make informed choices about their lives.


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