Tanzania: Strengthening Farmers’ Voices through Radio Journalists
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Tanzania: Strengthening Farmers’ Voices through Radio Journalists

Tanzania Farm Radio Initiative (TAFRI), Tanzania
€ 9,500
Ref. 1926

Tanzania Farm Radio Initiative (TAFRI) is a vibrant organization promoting effective use of radio-based and ICT enhanced communication that impacts farmers. TAFRI promotes improved farm radio programming, carries out broadcasting to provide farmers in Tanzania with relevant information that enables them to make informed decisions that help them face challenges in agriculture and rural development. Noting that farmers’ stories, especially on climate change adaptation practices, are rarely heard in the media, TAFRI seeks to improve links between farmers and radio journalists by opening up channels of communication. At least five radio journalists will participate in a four-day workshop to create awareness of the importance of including farmers’ stories about adapting to climate change, and build the capacity of the journalists to collect, write and pitch farmers’ stories. The five radio stations from where the journalists are drawn will sign agreements with TAFRI to participate in the project. TAFRI and its strategic partners will assist the journalists to identify key contacts in agricultural development, who will provide links to farmers and their stories that the journalists will develop for radio. Farm Radio International, one of TAFRI’s strategic partners, produces the Farm Radio Weekly (FRW), an electronic news service containing stories about farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa written for radio. In this way the stories will be made accessible to hundreds of radio broadcasters across Africa.

Contact: Ms. Enna Burton Lutengano
Program Manager
Email: elutengano@farmradio.org
Web: www.farmradio.org

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