Turkey: Democracy on Air!
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Turkey: Democracy on Air!

Flying Broom Women Communication and Research Association, Turkey
€ 9,000
Ref. 1965

In Turkey, women’s ideas, policies and actions tend to be considered of little news value leading to their marginalization in media systems. The project is an attempt to develop an alternative by increasing awareness and building capacities of female journalists from across Turkey to increase coverage of issues of importance to women and their voices in the media. The project will develop gender-oriented media literacy for women, strengthen local and regional women’s reporter networks and lobby media to adopt an equity-based approach in journalism. Project beneficiaries include local female reporters in all 7 regions of Turkey, women’s rights and other civil society organisations and representatives of local media. The project will develop and implement an online training program to train local reporters. It will spread the idea of ‘alternative women’s reporting’ beyond the metropolis towards the smaller towns. Almost 300 news articles will be written and published electronically. The news will be circulated to mainstream media for wider publication. The project is an initiative of Flying Broom, a women’s organization established in November 1996 to improve democracy and civil society through the facilitation of communications and encouragement of women’s participation in media and government. Flying Broom works to institutionalize and protect women’s human rights in media, government and society.

Contact: Ms. Sevna Somuncuoğlu
General Coordinator
Email: info@ucansupurge.org
Web: www.ucansupurge.org

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