Video on Gender and Communication in Mass Media /es
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Video on Gender and Communication in Mass Media /es

 Asociación Civil Artemisa Comunicación (ACAC), Argentina 

International organisations and women’s movements around the world and in Argentina agree that the mass media are sexist in their treatment of women.

Media in Argentina continue to ignore this critique; the sexist treatment has continued despite an increase in the visibility of women in media. Images displaying an equal participation of men and women are vital in order to overcome the gender inequalities seen in media, especially since media play a significant role in influencing society.

Gender issues are not featured in the headlines in mainstream media. For this to change, it is not enough to have isolated journalists working on these issues but it is necessary to reach out to media editors and media directors from diverse outlets and mainly in the traditional outlets such as television and radio which have the greatest reach and influence.

The project is implemented by Asociación Civil Artemisa Comunicación (ACAC), a not-for-profit organisation that promotes equality between women and men through communication.

The project is to produce a documentary on gender in the mass media with the participation of news editors in the production process. The video will be produced in newsrooms, in a number of public presentations organized by NGOs, and it will serve as input for educators and journalists.

The project is expected to increase awareness about discrimination against women through media and to enlist commitment for change towards less sexist reportage from at least 500 journalists and 8 mass media outlets in Argentina.

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