climate change
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Rising temperatures, fickle rainfall, and drought have made Kenya vulnerable to climate change. With agriculture dominating Kenya’s economy, a big challenge facing family farmers is learning how to adapt to the effects of climate change.   But a particular sector – smallholder farm families – has been ahead of the curve. These farmers have been regularly engaged in tree planting, efficient energy...

Indigenous peoples are “not mere victims of climate change,” asserts researcher and conservation biologist Gleb Raygorodetsky in Why traditional knowledge holds the key to climate change, one of the articles in the latest issue of Media Development, WACC Global’s international quarterly journal. The issue explores the theme, Traditional Knowledge and Climate Change: Bridging the Gap.

Some 25,000 government, private sector, scientific community, and civil society representatives from over 200 countries are currently attending the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 in Madrid, Spain. It is increasingly clear that climate change is no longer a future problem –  the past five years have been the...

Not everyone is familiar with climate change. A new survey released by Afrobarometer paints a bleak picture of how agriculture conditions are worsening due to higher temperatures, delayed rainfall, and crop failure. Crucially, among some people, it also identifies little or no knowledge about climate change itself.